We’re New England’s premier wholesaler carrying a wide variety of high quality produce, dry goods, pastries, beverages, and cheese and dairy, including local & specialty products.


We’re way more than a produce company. So even though our business started with bananas, 40% of our items are specialty products. If it’s unique or hard to source, we probably carry it or will for you. (Just ask.)

Olives Anchovies Meat Base Beverages
Capers Mango Chutney Coconut Milk Fig Spread
Frozen Fries Mayonnaise Monin Syrups Nori Sheets
Nutella Oils Fresh Pasta Chili Paste
Curry Paste Miso Paste Quince Paste Pickles
Raviolis Saffron Sauces Tobikko
Tortillas Truffle oil Vinegars Wakami Salad
Wasabi Powder Sundried Tomatoes Frozen Roasted Tomatoes Grilled Chippolini Onions
Egg roll, Gyoza, Spring Roll & Wonton Wrappers Frozen Hors D’oeuvres Pickled Giardiniera Portion Control Products


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