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We’re All About Synergy

What drives your business drives ours.

We take a sincere and personal interest in the success of our customers’ and partners’ businesses.

We’ve proudly been working together with many of our vendors for decades to bring the best possible products to market for our customers.

Based on knowing customer needs (which we take the time to do) and watching market trends, we handpick companies with whom we can build a new relationship. Likewise, we’ve been carrying plant-based milk alternatives long before it was cool. We made it happen because our customers needed us to.

A Selection of Our Partners: Local & International


“We have been doing business for forty years together. I imagine that business was present for a long time prior to my arrival. What a legacy! Integrity is rare in this business and I believe is a reason for their longevity and success. We have a true partnership in providing the best quality produce at a competitive price.”

Tom Ciovacco, Mutual Produce

“We enjoy the feeling of working with a family business and how close everyone is. It is a throwback to how business was done years ago. Katsiroubas is one of the best partners we have. They have integrity and loyalty that you just don’t see much of anymore.”

Dave Duquette, D’Ottavio Produce

“Katsiroubas is a great partner that provides steady business but also is willing to help us when we have great seasonal products to move for our farms and growers. Katsiroubas is also a fair receiver who gets trucks in and out in a very timely manner. I am confident this partnership will last for decades!”

Aris Pappas, Pete Pappas & Sons

“The Katsiroubas staff that I work with offer input and have experience in the restaurant industry, so they understand what the customer is looking for and can offer knowledgeable input. I like Katsiroubas’ focus on featuring and utilizing local products; they are always looking to support local businesses and the effort to help them grow is appreciated.”

Art Welch, Founder, Pig Rock

“Throughout our years of doing business together, we have established a relationship which we can trust and rely on. There is still a personal touch with each order and an ease of communication with our representative. Arcade Snacks takes pride in offering a high-quality, fresh product. We feel assured that our product is distributed through a company like Katsiroubas who holds the same value.”

Anita Ethier, Arcade Snacks

Katsiroubas has deep connections throughout the Northeast to help serve a wide range of customers. Their collective years of experience in food service and distribution helps open new doors for our products. As a partner, their strong sales team helped achieve a high volume of sales right out of the gate. We appreciate the opportunity to pay joint sales calls and educate one another about how to best serve customers.” 

Amber Lambke, Maine Grains

“We have seen sales grow tremendously with Katsiroubas. They are knowledgeable about much more than produce! The solid trust between our companies allows us to focus all our energy on what matters most: getting the right specialty food items to the right customer at the right time.”

Colin Deshamps, Paris Gourmet

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