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Katsiroubas Bros. is New England’s premier wholesaler carrying a wide selection of high quality produce, dry goods, pastries, beverages, cheese and dairy, including local & specialty products. We’re proud to have been family-owned and operated for over 100 years since 1914. Click here to learn more about our history.

What drives your business drives ours. We continually adjust our products and level of service to meet your needs. It’s the very reason we’ve accumulated more than 3000 SKUs to date – of which 40% are specialty products.

Premium quality food delivered fresh and delicious is what we’re all about. We’re the best in class when it comes to food safety and take special measures to exceed food safety standards.

Meet The Team

We are proud to be a local, family- and woman-owned business.

Torry Katsiroubas Stamm

President & Co-Owner

Torry Katsiroubas Stamm is the President and 4th generation co‐owner of her family business, Katsiroubas Bros., in which she has held an executive role since 2005. Torry became President and co-owner alongside her brother Ted after their father Nick passed away from ALS in 2013 in honor of whom she founded the Nick Katsiroubas Foundation. The mission of the Nick Katsiroubas Foundation is to continue her father’s legacy of giving by supporting local children’s organizations as well as the ALS community.

Torry’s big-picture thinking and progressive decision-making helped double the revenue of Katsiroubas Bros., which now distributes food to a thriving customer base of over 1000 restaurants, hotels, and institutions offering over 3,000 different items.

Torry is passionate about empowering her employees to move up the corporate ladder and mentoring entrepreneurs, especially women and students, to start small businesses and bring products to market. Torry earned her BA in Communications from Boston College and her MBA from University of Massachusetts, Boston. When she’s not driving her business forward, Torry enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband and three children – and taking time for herself to practice yoga & meditation.

Ted Katsiroubas

CEO & Co-Owner

Ted Katsiroubas is the CEO and 4th generation co‐owner of his family business, Katsiroubas Bros, of which he has held a principal role since 2006. Ted became CEO and co-owner alongside his sister Torry after their father Nick passed away from ALS in 2013, in honor of whom he helped found the Nick Katsiroubas Foundation. The mission of the Nick Katsiroubas Foundation is to continue his father’s legacy of giving by supporting local children’s organizations as well as the ALS community.

Ted partners with local vendors and companies to drive their businesses forward while making more environmentally sustainable business decisions. By talking directly with partners to find out how Katsiroubas can best support them, he pivots and maneuvers company product selection and offers creative solutions to meet their needs.

Ted has been featured in Edible Boston, FoodTank, and serves on the Board of the Newmarket Business Association and Fresh Truck. Like his father Nick, Ted enjoys giving back to the community and regularly volunteers alongside other Katsiroubas employees at the Boston Food Bank and Fresh Truck. When he’s not hard at work, Ted spends time with his wife and two children going to concerts and trying new restaurants. 

Dedicated Service

We honor our employees that have served 15 years with Katsiroubas Bros. by hanging their vests in our office. Much like when the Celtics or Bruins hang retired numbers from the rafters of the TD Garden, we hang employee vests as a symbol of our gratitude for our working employees.

Our History




Katsiroubas Bros. begins as a banana cart.

In 1914, Greek immigrants James (Jim) and Photis (Fred) Katsiroubas start Katsiroubas Bros., which is originally a business selling bananas out of a cart to local restaurants in downtown Boston.



Jim’s Foodland Opens 

Their banana business soon outgrows the size of their cart and upgrades into a small convenience store in Roxbury called Jim’s Foodland. They go from selling bananas to selling everything from candy to cigarettes to fresh produce.



Jim’s son Teddy takes on a managerial role at Jim’s Foodland.

Jim’s eldest son Theodore (Teddy) takes on a managerial role in Jim’s Foodland after returning home from serving in World War II. He decides to use his wagon to offer produce delivery to the neighborhood.



Teddy marries Stella.

Stella is responsible for the bookkeeping. She remained a vital part of the company throughout her life and dedicated herself to supporting and growing the family business



Katsiroubas Bros. gets its first delivery truck.

By 1955, the number of customers wanting produce delivery surges like crazy. Stella invests her personal savings to help Teddy buy the first Katsiroubas Bros. delivery truck.



Teddy’s sons begin working for the store.

By 1977, all three of Teddy’s sons, Jimmy, Nick, and Paul, start working for the store. The cozy upstairs apartment becomes a bustling office. By 1982, Katsiroubas Bros. has 24 customers.



Katsiroubas opens its first warehouse in Newmarket Square.

In 1986, a warehouse in purchased in Newmarket Square to improve the customer service and meet the increasing demand in Greater Boston.



Teddy passes away, leaving Katsiroubas Bros. to his sons.

In the nineties, Katsiroubas Bros. is thriving with 6 trucks and over 100 customers. After Teddy’s death in 1996, James, Nick, and Paul take over the business as principal owners. The customer base doubles in size.



Distribution spreads from northern Maine to Rhode Island.

Katsiroubas Bros. reaches the milestone of supporting 100 customers all over New England.



Katsiroubas Bros. acquires Fresh Start Fruit and Produce Company.

This acquisition leads to rapid growth within the company to the point that the existing warehouse location can no longer fulfill all of the business needs.



Katsiroubas Bros. completes a $3.5 million renovation on the Newmarket Square location.

The building expands from 12,000 square feet to 30,000 square feet to accommodate the growing business. This allows customer service of the highest quality in the new state of the art facility.



A Katsiroubas Bros. acquires the Boston Cheese Company.

This acquisition is in support of a larger vision to become “one-stop shopping” for the food industry. The success of this diversification and addition of over 1,300 products means that Katsiroubas Bros. is no longer a purveyor of everything from apples to zucchini but instead everything from anchovies to yogurt!




Nick passes away, leaving Katsiroubas Bros. to his children Ted and Torry.
That same year, Ted and Torry quickly realize that more warehouse space is needed and plan to expand once again.




Ted and Torry purchase 200 Meadow Road in Boston.

The new facility supports company growth and offers more opportunity for expansion.




Today, Katsiroubas Bros. continues under the leadership of a fourth-generation and its mission to become a purveyor of quality food products.

With over 100 years of business, Katsiroubas Bros. is focused on continuing the high level of service and premium quality that built the family business.

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