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Best in Class Food Safety

Surpassing food safety standards is one of our fundamental values.

We consider it our duty and responsibility to receive and to distribute products that safe and fresh far beyond expectation. We can chart the journey of a single clove of garlic from where it was grown to its arrival in your marinara sauce.

Our Warehouse

The Katsiroubas Bros. warehouse is located at 200 Meadow Road in Boston. Its total size is 200,000 square feet – of which we currently use about 85,000 square feet.

Fast & Efficient

Our facility is made up of several temperature-controlled sections with 24 state of the art docks for shipping and receiving.

Knowledgable Staff

We also continually train our employees and provide traceability for all products we distribute.



SQF Certification

In the spirit of knowing your food’s journey from farm to fork, we carry SQF Level 2 Certification. SQF Level 2 signifies our food products have been grown, processed, prepared, and handled according to the highest possible global food safety standards at every stage of being.

Our Fleet

All products are shipped from one of 65 refrigerated and well-maintained trucks.


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