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Katsiroubas Bros. is New England’s premier wholesaler offering custom distribution and carrying a wide selection of high quality produce, dry goods, pastries, beverages, and cheese and dairy, including local & specialty products. We’ve been family-owned and operated for over 100 years.


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The Katsiroubas Difference

Katsiroubas Bros. is family-owned and operated and has been based in Boston for over 100 years offering both fresh produce and hand-picked specialty products. That means, like you, we love a sunny day at Fenway, a hot cup of “chowdah,” and using the word wicked as much as possible. Find out what makes us different from everyone else.

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We’re there when you need us! Our sales team is available both in-house and on the road – so no matter what, we are there to support you 24/7.


We take a deep and sincere interest in connecting our partners to all our local customers who need high-quality items. It’s one of the reasons we’ve accumulated over 3000 different products to date.

Shop Local

Working with us means supporting your local economy and reducing your carbon footprint. But let’s face it, there’s also something truly special about working with a fellow New England company. (We feel it, too.)

We Listen

What would move the needle for you? What drives your business drives ours. We take pride and a personal interest in the success of our customers’ and partners businesses.

Food Safety

We exceed ALL standards of food safety. We never break the cold chain and can tell you the lifecycle of a single item from farm to table. We’re proudly SQF Level 2 certified as well.

Product Variety

Our roots may be in produce, but our inventory extends far beyond fruits and veggies. 40% of our products are dry goods, pastries, beverages, and cheese and dairy, including a vast local selection, and specialty products. What do you need that others are not providing? We got you!




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