What’s Cooking 3.12.12

Japanese Yam Chips!

The Japanese Yam is a sweet yam that is somewhat like a sweet potato. Japanese yams have a very starchy taste yet are also sweet. The yams are loaded with carbohydrates and taste delicious when cooked into chips!


-  Japanese sweet potatoes

-  Olive Oil

-  Salt & Pepper


- Peel and cut the Japanese yams into thin slices. Immediately after they are cut place them in a cold bowl of water. The yams brown quickly once they have been cut and the cold water will slow this process.

- Pour olive oil into a large pan and turn heat to between medium and high.

- While waiting for the oil to warm, drain the yams and dry with paper towels.

- Once the oil is hot place the yams in the pan. Make sure the potatoes do not overlap.

- Add salt and pepper to the yams and cook each side until golden.

- Serve with your favorite type of protein and other vegetables!