Weekly Dish 3.6.12


Rhubarb * Fresh Fava Beans * Fresh English Peas * White Asparagus * Japanese Yams * Meyer Lemons * Blood Oranges * Mineolas * Clementines * Cara Cara Oranges * Tangerines * Parsnips * Tuscan Kale * Sunchokes * Oakwood Shitake Mushrooms * Trumpet Royale Mushrooms * Hen of the Woods Mushrooms *


Parsnips, MA * Baby Artisan Lettuce, MA * Baby Arugula, NJ * Alfalfa Sprouts, MA * Soy Sprouts, MA * Wheatgrass, RI * Cortland Apples, MA * McIntosh Apples, NY * Snow Pea Shoots, RI * Cherry Tomatoes on Vine, ME * Micro Arugula, NY * Micro Shiso, NY * Edible Pansy, NY * Fingerling Potatoes, NY * Mushrooms, PA *


Champagne Mango

The Champagne Mango is a result of the cross pollination of several different mango trees in its native land, Mexico. Unlike the traditional mango the champagne mango is ripe when its color is a deep yellow. In order to achieve ripeness store the mango at room temperature until it turns deep yellow.  The sweet, creamy, and slightly tart flavor of this mango is best enjoyed at room temperature as well. Champagne Mangoes are available seasonally from January through August.

Taleggio Ca De Ambros

This is a washed-rind cow’s milk cheese characterized by a reddish brown, mold-marbled rind.  In the heart of Valtaleggio, where this stracchino style cheese originated in Northern Italy, this artisan producer has been making farmhouse taleggio for generations and ripening it naturally.  We import the cheese with a slightly thicker rind than usual in order to protect the cheese and prolong its shelf life.  Taleggio is creamy and supple, becoming softer as it ages.  Its flavor develops into a rich, earthy, and tangy cheese as it matures.  Simply spread this cheese on fresh baked bread or melt onto pastas and flatbreads for a rich texture and flavor.


Asparagus Purple * Carrots Tri Color Bulk & Baby * Cherries * Fresh Figs * Grapes Champagne * Grapes Concord * Gooseberries * Melon Canary * Melon Crenshaw * Melon Golden Honeydew * Melon Santa Claus * Mushrooms Chanterelles * Potatoes Purple Fingerling * Red Currants * Squash Acorn * Squash Blossoms * Tomatoes Heirloom *


Beans Wax – LIMITED * Corn * Eggplant * Eggplant Italian * Fennel * Peppers Green * Peppers Habanero * Peppers Red * Pomegranates – SEASON ENDING * Potatoes Purple * Radish Watermelon * Tomatoes * Squash Butternut * Squash Peeled Butternut * Squash Spaghetti * Strawberries * Sunchokes *


{Taste of the South End – March 6}

{New England Food Show – March 11, 12, 13}