Weekly Dish 2.21.12


Meyer Lemons * Blood Oranges * Pomelos * Mineolas * Clementines * Kumquats * Cara Cara Oranges * Tangerines * Parsnips * Broccoli Rabe * Tuscan Kale * Sunchokes * Fresh Cranberries * Yellow Turnips * Oakwood Shitake Mushrooms * Trumpet Royale Mushrooms * Hen of the Woods Mushrooms *


Parsnips, MA * Baby Artisan Lettuce, MA * Baby Arugula, NJ * Alfalfa Sprouts, MA * Sunflower Sprouts, RI * Soy Sprouts, MA * Wheatgrass, RI * Cortland Apples, NY * Macoun Apples, NY * McIntosh Apples, ME * Snow Pea Shoots, RI * Cherry Tomatoes on Vine, ME * Micro Arugula, NY * Micro Shiso, NY * Edible Pansy, NY * Fingerling Potatoes, NY * Mushrooms, PA *


White Asparagus

White asparagus is actually the same plant as green asparagus.  A special growing technique that prevents exposure to sunlight causes their white color.  The result is a sweeter and tenderer asparagus.  Peel all types of asparagus before cooking for optimum texture.  White asparagus can be steamed, sautéed, grilled, pickled, or blanched and chilled for salads.  Serve with shaved hard cheeses, hollandaise sauce, and cured meats.

Mama Lil’s Pickled Peppers

Mama Lil’s peppers are marinated, pickled Hungarian goathorn peppers that are hand harvested and hand made from a family recipe.  Traditionally these peppers in oil are served with bread or cheese, but they are a fantastic addition to sandwiches, pizza, pasta, eggs, salads, and roasted vegetables or potatoes.  You can also use Mama Lil’s to sauté or marinate chicken, fish, or steak.


Asparagus Purple * Baby Artichokes * Carrots Tri Color Bulk & Baby * Cherries * Fresh Figs * Grapes Champagne * Grapes Concord * Gooseberries * Melon Golden Honeydew * Melon Santa Claus * Mushrooms Chanterelles * Peas Fresh * Peppers Shishito * Pluots * Red Currants * Rhubarb * Squash Blossoms * Tomatoes Heirloom * Tomatoes Yellow Cherry * Watermelon Yellow *


Beans Wax – LIMITED * Eggplant Italian * Honeydew * Lemons * Mangos – RUNNING GREEN * Peppers Green * Peppers Habanero * Peppers Red * Potatoes Purple * Radish Watermelon * Squash Acorn * Squash Butternut * Strawberries * Sunchokes *


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