Weekly Dish 1.2.12


Cara Cara Oranges * Blood Oranges * Pomegranates * Persimmons * Kumquats * Tangerines * Clementines * Meyer Lemons * Lady Apples * Quince * Seckle Pears * Sunchokes * Fresh Cranberries * Chestnuts * Yellow Turnips * Chantrelle Mushrooms * Oakwood Shitake Mushrooms * Trumpet Royale Mushrooms * Hen of the Woods Mushrooms *


Baby Artisan Lettuce, MA * Alfalfa Sprouts, MA * Sunflower Sprouts, RI * Soy Sprouts, MA * Winter Squash, MA * Wheatgrass, RI * Cortland Apples, NY * Macoun Apples, NY * McIntosh Apples, NY * Bunch Radish, MA * Snow Pea Shoots, RI * Cherry Tomatoes on Vine, ME * Micro Arugula, NY * Micro Shiso, NY * Edible Pansy, NY Fingerling Potatoes, NY * Mushrooms, PA *


Lady Apples

Lady Apples, one of the smallest apple varieties, are also thought to be the one of the oldest varieties, first enjoyed by the Romans in 700 BC.  This winter apple has pale green skin and a characteristic red blush.  The flavor is crisp and juicy with a sweet tart finish.  Although commonly used for decoration, these apples are best baked, caramelized, or roasted.  Pair with almonds, bacon, butter, cheese, chestnuts, ginger, maple, and sausage.

Palhais Portuguese Goat Cheese

Palhais is a traditional goat cheese made in Torres Vedras, Portugal.  It is a small, semi-soft, pasteurized cheese without any rind development that is typically aged 10-30 days.  Palhais does not have the usual chalky texture of goat cheese.  Its texture is almost bouncy with a slightly salty finish.  This cheese is ideal for marinating in olive oil, rolling in herbs, garnishing salads or flatbreads, or even simply for a cheese plate.  Serve at room temperature.


Apricots * Asparagus Purple * Fava Beans * Grapes Champagne * Grapes Concord * Gooseberries * Melon Crenshaw * Melon Golden Honeydew * Melon Santa Claus * Mushrooms Hedgehog * Peas Fresh * Pluots * Rhubarb * Squash Blossoms * Tomatoes Heirloom * Tomatoes Yellow Cherry * Watermelon Yellow *


High freight costs are currently causing all food prices to increase.

Beans Wax * Broccoli * Broccoli Rabe * Broccolini – LIMITED * Cauliflower * Chestnuts Fresh * Grapes * Mangos – RUNNING GREEN * Peas Snow * Potatoes Purple * Tomatoes Red Pear * Tomatoes Yellow Pear * Scallions * Sunchokes *


{Boston Wine Festival Begins – January 6}

{Boston Wine Expo – January 21-22}